Collection: COCONUT MILK SOAP BARS (Vegan Friendly)


Coconut Milk, known for it antiaging and moisturising properties, is luxurious when used in cold processed soaps. The natural fatty acids in this milk can help treat dry and irritated skin. 

Our Coconut Milk Soap is gentle on the skin and is perfect for people who suffer from eczema, delicate or dry skin. It is ultra-soothing, balancing and moisturising for irritated skin.

    Created in small batches, our delicate, creamy coconut soaps offer Cruelty-Free Beauty. Handcrafted from Coconut Milk, sought after Shea Butter, natural, ethically sourced and sustainable plant oils, botanicals + Essential Oils.

      All the products in this range are Vegan Friendly and Palm Oil Free!