PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Goats Milk Shaving Soaps

PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Goats Milk Shaving Soaps

October 27, 2016

Our Shaving soaps are a firm favourite, produced the old-fashioned way!

Perfect for dry, sensitive skin and those that practice wet shaving. Simply use your wet brush in a circular motion to create a thick, creamy lather, which is then used instead of shaving foam.

Available in 3 varieties: Vanilla Patchouli (sweet), Spicy Bay Rum (Cinnamon/Spice) and Bergamot Lime (Citrus/Earthy). We produce a set which includes a enamel tin mug, soap and synthetic brush - as well as single refill soaps for those that have a brush already.

Find them here:

Our soaps are handcrafted in small batches, hand-cut and only contain 100% pure natural ingredients, plant based oils and essential oils. Never tested on Animals!

They make great gifts for Dad!!! Christmas is almost here...

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